10 Best Things to Eat on the Granite Belt

Working in the Cellar Door at Ballandean every day, we hear about the adventures of guests to the region and of course the conversation always turns to food.  So we have decided to put together our  list of the 10 best things to eat on your next visit.
This list is in no particular order but this is the food we hear about the most.

APPLE PIE - at Suttons Farm Everyone loves to eat these pies for the best afternoon tea ever.  The pies are huge and every pie is made from 22 delicious apples grown right on the farm. 

ICE CREAM BURGERS - at The Bramble Patch These are legendary in the area and definitely a must try when in region. It is a warmed chocolate muffin cut in half and filled with delicious raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream and covered in Berry Coulis. Yumm!

MUSHROOM and TRUFFLE SOUP - at the Barrelroom at Ballandean Estate. This restaurant has certainly gained a huge reputation since opening in 2010 winning numerous State Restaurant and Caterers Awards. This silky smooth soup is so delicious you will be coming back time and time again for another 'fix'.

MAC and CHEESE - at Jersey Girls Cafe at Stanthorpe Cheese. A deliciously simple and tasty meal at one of the Granite Belt's favourite attractions.  Featuring their own handmade cheeses.

SCALLOPS - at Shiraz Bistro in Ballandean.  Johnno (as the locals know him) does amazing things with this tasty seafood and will astound you with his wine list.

CANOLI - from Mary's Kitchen at the Market in the Mountains.  Made from a traditional family recipe, these canoli will make you wish you were Sicilian!!  The Markets are normally held on the second Sunday of each month.

HOMEMADE PIES - at Vincenzo's are a sight for hungry tummies and are baked fresh on the premises.  Tuck in to one of the many flavours and pick up a few other yummy treats from the deli.

STUFFED MUSHROOMS - at Anna's Restaurant.  This dish has been famous for as long as Anna's has been serving meals - and that is a very long time.  Try them at their buffet on Friday and Saturdays or anytime you are visiting.

ALMOND CROISSANT - at Zest Bakery in Stanthorpe.  You must try these scrumptious morsels while in town enjoying a coffee.  There are two sizes, small and large.  Believe us, just go large! They are so good you will swear you are in Europe!

MEDLEY OF THREE PLATES - at Varias at the QCWT. This is a great way to taste three different meals matched with wine from the college.  A popular choice for visitors to the region.

So, there you go.
These are the dishes we hear about the most.  Why not let us know your favourites so we can add another 10 Best Things To Eat on the Granite Belt.

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  1. The pies at Zest cannot be beaten. Once you have one, you'll never go anywhere else... :)

    1. I think we will need to compile a list of the best pies in the Granite Belt.


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