Wine On Saturday

It has been a while and things have been very hectic at Ballandean. Vintage is in full swing and there has been the threat of cyclonic activity but I am happy to report that the rain did not come and the grapes are still fantastic!!! Yay!!
The excitement is building as the vintage kicks on, the sugar levels are high and the pH is at good levels, so the winemaker is happy, the grapegrower is happy and that means we are going to produce some amazing wines this year. You can look forward to crisp dry whites, succulently sweet dessert styles and red wines with great depth and flavour.
Ballandean has probably fared as having the best vintage in Australia for 2009 - a big call I know, but this year has been absolutely perfect - the right amount of rain, long dry growing season and no disease, what more could we ask for!!!