A short stay in Sorrento and a near miss!

The 2015 Italian Cousins...All things Italian tour left Umbria with clothes that were starting to feel a little cosy!

We arrived on the Amalfi Coast just as the sun was setting on a beautiful clear afternoon.   The Grand Hotel Capodimonte, a luxurious hotel overlooking the sea was our home for two nights.  Our personalised menus promised a plentiful dinner of four courses.

There were two choices for our day on the Amalfi Coast.
Some chose to visit the incredible city of Pompeii, while the rest of the cousins opted for a trip to the Isle of Capri.
Both of the tours were complemented by great tour guides and definitely more ticks on the bucket lists today.


We found some fantastic shopping in Sorrento.  Now that we are near the sea, sardines, mussels and plenty of fish are on the menus.  Today was the day that we acquired a new Italian Cousin....a handmade clock which was a brilliant idea when purchased, took up too much space and caused plenty of concern for the rest of the tour!  But was worth it in the end!

Our second and last night in Sorrento was lit up by a massive thunderstorm.  An all night lightning and thunder show kept some awake.

We needed to make an early departure from Sorrento to make it in time to the Naples train station for the 6 hour train ride to Sicily.  Our driver Maurizio had warned us of the heavy traffic, suggesting that 2.5 hours for the 51km trip would be required to safely make our train.

It was like a scene from the movies, we thought we had plenty of time... the traffic was a disaster...And then there was the continuing thunderstorm.... We were in a 50km queue of stop go traffic.
Maurizio in the lead car quietly chewed his nails!  Julia was googling Plan B.  With 5 minutes until the train departure we were still kilometres out of town and hadn't hit the inner city traffic.  Who even knew which platform or how far we had to run!

Finally, our destination the Naples Railway Station was upon us!  it was the quickest unloading of 11 pax and 23 bags (and a clock) ever!  The shortest of hugs and kisses to our wonderful drivers and RUN! 

In the space of 5 minutes, we had found Platform 14, found our train, found our carriage, lost Roy, lost Julias suitcases, found Roy, found the missing suitcases, loaded 23 bags (and a clock) and realised Italian trains never leave on time.  We made it!  Sicily here we come!