Crave Italy Tours - 2 days in Asolo

Day 1
So heading from the beautiful city of Verona to the ancient city of Asolo, the mountains beckon and we begin our short drive via the lovely city of Bassano del Grappa. We arrive on market day and what a market! Hundreds of stalls with thousands of people and apparently this happens every week. There were the usual store with clothes, scarves etc but there was also the beautiful flowers and fruit and vege stalls each boasting a colourful array of the freshest and most delicious looking fare.  We noticed piles and piles of fresh white asparagus.....yummmmmm and boy were they popular, obviously fresh and in season.

After a quick bite to eat, we head to the beatiful Alpini Bridge. It is so gorgeous and the views of the mountains are quite spectacular. This bridge is a reproduction as the original was destroyed during the war as so many were, but even so, this bridge is a must for any visit to the north of Italy. After taking heaps of photos (heaps!) we head to the Poli Grappa distillery, another famous attraction in the town.  We are shown the process of making grappa then the best bit, we head to the tasting room! Here, we are shown the young grappa versus aged grappa and also all of the flavoured grappa, all I can say is it was lucky that Maurizio is driving!

Back in the bus and the excitement is building as we wind our way to Asolo.

Such a gorgeous town that is steeped in history. Many famous artists and writers have spent time in this town as it is renowned for its tranquility and beauty, you can see why it is so inspiring with little lanes and walkways every which way you look. But before we can explore, it is time to head to a regional dinner in one of the local restaurants.

8 courses later we leave the restaurant having dined on fresh asparagus, pasta, risotto, beef, chicken, you name it, we probably ate it and it was beautiful. Eating Italian style takes some getting used to, but we have done our very best to immerse ourselves in the culture and graciously accept our hosts offerings ( that is code for we ate way too much, but didn't want to upset anyone by refusing a course).

Back to Asolo to plan day 2

Day 2

It's Mothers Day and the church bells are ringing.
Maybe it's the fact that we are in holidays or we have all become hopeless romantics, but there is nothing quite like the sound of the bells early in the morning.
There is hustle and bustle in the square as the famous Antiques market is getting underway, with vendors arriving from all over to display their wares. Lots of antiques that would be perfect for renovating your villa as well as pieces of jewellery, lamps, mirrors, frames, you name it, we saw it.

During the early part of the morning, we decided to climb the famous Rocca. A monument that no one has an explanation for, it is just there and has always been. It is a big climb, but the views on this spectacular day are worth a million dollars After taking lots of photos and drinking in the beauty of the Asolan plains, it is time for coffee and people watching in the square.

This afternoon, we head to Treviso, often referred to as the other Venice. Another ancient town with Romanesque and medieval buildings dotted throughout the historic centre. When in Treviso it is important to look up, as the frescoes dotted along the street are from the 12th and 13th century. It is always amazing to watch every day life going on underneath these beautiful and historic pieces of art without so much as a glance from the people who live here - look up people!

Back to Asolo to find a restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal together.  Ahhhhh.