Crave Italy Tours - 3 days in Lake Como and Bellagio

We are on an adventure. A wonderful journey through The North of Italy exploring  the beauty and immersing in the  culture that is "Bella Italia!"
Flying to Milan via Dubai is long - let's not beat around the bush, but the anticipation of what is to come overrides any signs of jet lag!  Arriving in  Milan , we meet our guide Maurizio, the ever present and oh so helpful gentleman that has taken us under his wing to ensure that we see the best there is to see of his beloved exciting to finally meet him.
Now, off to Lake Como and our home for a few days, the gorgeous lakeside town of Bellagio.

The Hotel Belvedere is just gorgeous and our apartment boasts stunning views of the beautiful Lake. A short stroll and we are in the heart of Bellagio looking for our restaurant, the Tratorria San
Giacomo, famous amongst tourists and locals alike and serving traditional Italian fare. After imbibing
in a glass or two of the local white wine and enjoying a plate of pasta, we head back for a well
deserved rest and to ponder our next adventure.

Day 2
Today we met our guide Matilde, who is a passionate local with the most amazing knowledge of the
history and facts of this amazing peninsular.  We stroll around the village and learn about the age and
history of the buildings that last night we walked past without any knowledge or respect for their
story. Today, we look at everything in the village with a fresh new respect for the history of  this

We head down to the lake where our ferry is waiting and head off to the quaint village of  Veranno
With its lovely buildings and fabulous Boardwalk.  After admiring a couple of the churches and the castle, we head down to enjoy a meal in front of the port. After enjoying the obligatory, daily gelato it
is back in the ferry for a joy ride around lake, listening to Matilde and her wealth of knowledge about the churches and villas speckled along the lakeside.

Early evening, we say goodbye to Matilde and head down to the village for passeggiata and a meal - pasta of course then on to Hotel Belvedere for a well earned rest.

Day 3
We ventured today to the border town of Lugano. This gorgeous Swiss Italian town is only an hour away we whisked out way through the mountains and about the most gorgeous lakes - all of them emerald green and bursting with life.
Lugano is a blend of historic and new buildings and we spent the morning wandering around he city centre with all of the big brand shops and their spectacular window display - Rolex anyone?
A light lunch of pretzels by the lake and it was time to head back via the city of Como with its
magnificent Duomo and historic city centre.

Back to Bellagio and time for dinner where our waiter could not resist when he heard our accents "where do you come from mate?" He asked and then told us of his many trips to Australia and  how wanted to own a farm with a helicopter!

So our three days have come to an end in Bellagio and we all have a new love in our lives. Thanks to Crave Italy for making our experience here fabulous.