Australia's Best Winery Experiences

Why we were included in Bupa Travel Insurance’s recent article, 'Australia's Best Winery Experiences​.?"  Here are a few reasons why!!
Every step of the winemaking process requires attention to detail, starting in the vineyard and continuing all the way through to that delicious moment when the wine is poured into the glass. At Ballandean Estate Wines, we don’t leave anything to chance. Located in the Granite Belt, a land with unforgettable scenery and a truly unique terroir, Ballandean is a must see winery as you travel around Australia's wine regions.

With so many premier wine regions around Australia, very few travellers think of Queensland when they think wine. Instead the cooler climes of the Barossa and Clare Valley spring to mind, but at Ballandean Estate Wines we’re securing the Granite Belt on the vineyard map.


One quality that sets Ballandean Estate Wines apart from other Australian wineries is our sustainability plan. In an effort to promote sustainability and increase awareness of the impact we have on the planet, we incorporate earth-friendly practices into our entire process.

Our methods start with the grapes in the vineyard. The grapes are harvested and for the most part used to make wine, but nothing goes to waste with the grape skins, along with other excess materials from the process (like sawdust), being recycled and used as mulch in the vineyard. We plant green crops between rows in the vineyard every few years, and analyse the soil to ensure it’s healthy for the vines, for the earth, and for the local community. We also work hard to minimise contaminants, which helps to protect our wines, the soil and the local water supply.

Thoughtful Winemaking

Dylan Rhymer, chief winemaker at Ballandean Estate Wines, has mastered the art of coaxing the fruit into releasing its full flavour during the winemaking process. Each year, he strives to create something new and delicious while respecting the integrity of the grapes.

Sustainability in our winemaking process is also important; we aim to create our wines in a socially responsible manner. To decrease our footprint, we bottle our wines into lightweight glass bottles and minimise and consolidate the use of our refrigeration units when possible. We capture and reuse rainwater, in addition to our drip irrigation systems in the vineyards.

Visit Us!

Ballandean Estate Wines produces wine well because we pay attention to detail, and that includes your experience with us. Join us in the Barrelroom for exquisite food meant to complement our delicious wines.

In addition to offering wine tasting in our Cellar Door and in our store, Ballandean Estate Wines offers numerous events to enhance our guests' wine tasting experience. Join us for Opera in the Vineyard, a Game Keepers Dinner, or other Granite Belt events to truly experience the beauty and diversity of the wine region and understand why we were included in Bupa Travel Insurance’s recent article, 'Australia's Best Winery Experiences​."